Wednesday, January 18, 2017


J got me a gift card for Lush earlier last year and I saved it for the Christmas range so I could get something for Christmas. I had a bit of a trouble using the gift card because Lush UK won't accept online gift cards and I wasn't sure what to purchase from their Finnish website. You see, all the pots of their products are a bit more expensive and smaller here than they're in the UK, so I wanted to be sure on which products to use it. 

Anyways, I got myself this lovely little pot of Sleepy body lotion because I was interested in trying it out. I've seen reviews of it in plenty blogs so obviously, I knew that was the next body lotion I wanted to try out. Before I had this Dream Cream and I haven't quite finished it yet so maybe there was no need to buy a new body lotion at all. 

This Sleepy body lotion smells absolutely wonderful. It smells soft lavender and usually everything I've ever bought in that scent haven't been admiring me at all. This one is a difference because the scent is so soft. It doesn't really jump onto your nose or anything, it just floats by it. If you know what I mean. 

The colour of the product is also so adorable, it's this light purple which I've been absolutely loving at the moment (don't really know why, though). I've used this body lotion to moisture my belly and Lush has done a pretty good job to keep those stretch marks away! 
I literally have none of those. Or then again, it might be my skin in general - but who knows? I've been throwing a bunch of moisturising body lotions on it. 

Have you tried this body lotion? 


Monday, January 16, 2017


Before I go deeper into this whole pregnancy brain situation, I have a need to say that I've always considered myself as you know, a smart person. Or you know, I've never felt this stupid in my whole life. My problem-solving game has always been on top but nowadays I feel like my brain is completely off. I've been good at concentrating, I've understood what people have said to me and I've understood what I've read. Before I got in my third trimester, I thought that pregnancy brain is not a thing. Or well, at least with me. But I was so wrong. I was as wrong as a person can be. 


There have been a quite a few times when my brain has completely mindfucked me over and I've never felt this stupid in my life before. I mean, I'd rather take a weird food obsession (which doesn't seem to be a thing with me) than this incredibly stupid thinking process that goes through my head every day.


We were talking about peeling potatoes. Then I said that "oh, we haven't peeled any potatoes in this new apartment" and J quickly responded, "we had minced meat soup yesterday." I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that you actually peel the potatoes before you add them to the soup and I continued arguing against him. "Yeah, we had, but why would've we peeled potatoes for that?" When I finally understood, we had a such a good laugh and after that - everything has gotten to worse.


I can look like I'm listening and registering everything that's said to me. Then again, I probably don't. I've got no clue why I'm having such a hard time concentrating on something that someone tells me. Usually, I can do two or three things at the same time, but nowadays - I can't do anything if someone has something to say to me. If I'm watching TV or writing, it might take a while before I notice that someone is talking to me.


I don't think I should comment on blogs when I'm in this state of mind. Yesterday, I found myself from a super embarrassing moment when I was commenting on a blog post. I had this blurry image that I've seen this post somewhere before, then I checked the comments if I had commented anything on it because I was supposed to. Yeah, well - the first comment was something we laughed out loud together with J wondering that had this person even read the post before commenting. Then I commented on the post, scrolled back to the top and realised that it was my freaking comment that made us laugh. I was literally thinking "who's that idiot?" and then realised that it was me. I was the idiot. This has probably been the worst situation my brain has gotten me into. I was so ashamed and laughing at myself at the same time. Now I just keep wondering that the blogger who's blog I've commented on must think I'm an absolute idiot and how many other blogs I've commented on and totally blacked out whilst writing the comment.

So yeah, pregnancy brain sure is a thing. It's THE THING. And I can't wait for this to be over, I want my old brain back as soon as possible. Thank you.

Has anything like this ever happened to you before? Being pregnant or not?


Sunday, January 15, 2017


I had this feeling. I had this feeling that it's time for a change. I don't know why, really, but I believe it has something to do with this "new year, new me" bullshit. So what did I change? I changed (with the help of my husband of course) my blog theme and I feel so refreshed. It's those small things you know. 


I have to be honest here before I start this post. Before I turned 20 I literally didn't give a shit about skincare or you know, cleaning my face before going to bed or so. That's so gross. Well, a year or two older and wiser, I've started caring. I've never had any pimples on my face or anything, but just so you know, keeping the face clean is just as important whether you have them or not.
I've been suffering from dry skin for my whole life and now I'm going to share a few essentials I have to keep this face looking as good as it does. Or well, I don't know about the face but the skin in it.


This facial moisturizer has been the absolute savior for my dry Scandinavian skin. Especially during the Winter time when it gets cold and everything dries up in seconds. I usually apply this on my face during the evening, because at the mornings I simply didn't have time to do so. Now when I'm on my Winter vacation + maternity leave, I've been using it at mornings too knowing that I can leave it to sink into my face as long as I want, because of most of the mornings - I'm not going anywhere.


These two I absolutely love. How am I feeling that this will be another Lush post in the blog, by the way? The Dream Cream has been with me for a while now and it's been so good to me. I usually use these body lotions after a sauna or just after showering. Oh and I don't know if it's from moisturizing or from what, but I've got no stretch marks on my stomach even though I thought they would be a thing during the pregnancy. But if it's from moisturizing I swear these two has done their job pretty damn well!


Okay, I know this is a body cream but I'm using it as a hand lotion. My hands have gotten so dry lately and I've literally tried everything. This seems to work, so I'm going to keep using it. It smells absolutely wonderful and does wonders for the dry spots, especially in my hand area.

Do you have any skincare essentials?

Friday, January 13, 2017



So this is where all the magic happens! 

We had an unexpected Sunday inspiration moment back in December and we went and bought a new desk to our little office corner in our apartment. This time, we didn't head to Ikea as a first thing when we were looking for a new desk. We tried something different instead and chose one from Jysk. It was such a refreshing change. Almost all our furniture are from Ikea and now we've had this little "growing up" moment and we've tried to look stuff for our apartment from elsewhere for a change. 

We found this desk at a sale, it was only 70€ and that was such a great find! Desks are usually pretty expensive so I'm really happy that we found a pretty one with such a decent prize. 

I find myself so inspired working at this little corner of mine. I call it my little creative corner. That grid actually used to be a grid basket we found from Bauhaus. J just took it to work and made a wonderful wall piece of it. I'm absolutely loving it. At first, I was thinking to put some Polaroid pictures in it, but then I found that wonderful free printable of a calendar from Pinterest, so I placed that there instead of those pictures. For the pictures I found a new location and I placed them hanging from that wonderful light garland. 

The light garland and those succulents are from Ikea and yes, we stopped by Ikea during our little trip too! It was right on the way so we couldn't resist. Those succulents were 5,99€ and the light garland was 9,99€. 

I'm so happy with this little space of mine! I would absolutely love to have a desk lamp somewhere close, but at the moment I believe I'm going to do just fine with the garland and a couple of candles. 
It's amazing how a little change can make one feel so much more inspired! This is a definitely a place where I'll be hanging most of my days before Dino is born. 


Want to know how to make one of those chunky wool blankets? I did a post about it - here

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


We had our 6th maternity clinic appointment yesterday, and it was also the last appointment with the nurse who's well... Pretty much all over the place. That's just said nicely. She kind of talks so much that she can't remember what she has asked 5 minutes before, I mean - she asked three times where we live during the appointment. But yeah, we scheduled a new appointment with a new nurse to 2 weeks from now, so maybe the new nurse won't be that all over the place all the time. 

Everything was fine, mostly. 

When you're being pregnant and you have these appointments, you need to go to pee on a stick that shows your protein and glucose levels. That's a must do, every single time. Well, this time it didn't work as I expected it to work. There I was, went to the toilet and realized that there weren't any of those cups left, the ones you usually pee in. Well, I found the plastic drinking mugs and decided that it'll work just fine for the purpose. Then, I moved myself to the bathroom and that hand shower thingy wasn't working at all. It was stuck, so I was unable to wash. Then, I decided that I give the whole thing a go anyways, after all - I was standing at there my pants on my knees already. 

It showed that the protein level was one level above then it usually is, so we checked the blood pressure three times - just to be sure that it might not be pre-eclampsia and it might have been just the fact that I was unable to wash properly. Then, we decided [read: the nurse decided] that I'll go back there in a couple of days and do the test again. Just to make sure. Well, when we were leaving I grabbed a couple of those sticks with me to home so I can measure those levels at home - at home, where there is a working hand shower. 

Baby had grown well. Or well, it had stopped its massive growth spurt and settled down to the chart they watch so closely at the clinic. Heartbeat, which is the best part of those appointments, was completely fine and the baby has turned itself to the head-down position. So yay, only a few more weeks to go and I can pop. 

But yeah, after all - everything is fine. I still can't shake a feeling about pre-eclampsia out of my head, but at least I've said about my concerns. That pee thing might've been just because of the fact that I wasn't able to wash properly and several headaches might've been just because I hadn't been drinking enough water. And those little flooding lights I saw a day before the appointment, might've been normal. Who knows, let's just hope it doesn't get worse than that.

33weeks and 2 days down, less than 7 weeks to go! 

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